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Installing Alcohol with Commodo Firewall

1. Add the software installer and the driver installer C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Temp\sptdinst.exe to buffer overflow exemptions under Execution Control Settings. Then run the installer. (Please note [u]for Windows 7 you will need to look for C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Temp[/u])

1a. If the SPTD Installer is not in the Temp folder please download the SPTD standalone Installer [url=""][/url]) and add it to the Execution Control Settings as an Exclusion, then run the installer reboot and start Alcohol you should now be able to use the virtual drives.

2. After complete installation add all the executables (.exe, .dll, .com, .sys, .cmd, .bat files) in the C:\program files\alcohol soft\alcohol 120 directory and all its sub-directories to Execution Control Settings. You may need to repeat this exercises if program updates create new executables. Alternatively (less securely, but more proof against updates) add the whole directory.

3. Add the C:\program files\alcohol\alcohol120 directory and all its sub-directories (tick include sub-directories) to Trusted Files. This automatically adds all the files file by file so should not be a security risk.

4. Reboot and start Alcohol.