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Activation fails check proxy settings

If you cannot activate Alcohol and none of the following help.

Alcohol tries to establish a normal http connection to our server port 80. If you have Internet on your machine where you are trying to activate Alcohol and you have no software blocking for outgoing port 80 requests you should have no problems.

If you have Internet security software like firewall software solutions installed on your PC you can try to temporarily disable it and try to activate Alcohol.

Please look at C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file using Notepad and if you find any entries for our servers just remove them and try again.

Some adware/spyware can also cause problems with activation, please check that your PC is adware/virus free.

Then check the Internet settings in Control Panel, specifically the LAN / proxy settings. If the settings have defaulted to "use proxy", change it to "automatically detect settings".

You should then be able to activate Alcohol.