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Alcohol Audio Converter & Settings

Audio Converter Main Window


Drives etc.


CD Device - here you can choose which device to use to read your disk.
Refresh - allows you to refresh the drive.
Open/Close - allows you to open or close the drive of your choice. - allows you to manually connect to FreeDB.orgs Database.
Disc Content - these are only accessible with a disk in the drive.


Track/Name/Start/Length/Size - show information for the track.
Artist - shows the name of the Artist this can also be manually edited.
Album - shows the name of the Album this can also be manually edited.
Genre - allows you to manually choose the Tracks genre using a drop down menu.
Year - Shows the year for the Track(s) either from the Database or can be manually edited.
Select all - allows you to select all Tracks
Select None - allows you to deselect selected tracks.
Rip - allows you to read the contents of the disk to your Computer.



Output folder - allows you to choose where you wish to save the ripped tracks.
File Name Format - allows you to choose the file name format with which you can save your ripped tracks
Output Format and Options - allows you to choose the Encoder that you wish to use and to edit the settings by clicking on Format Options.
Connect to automatically while refreshing content - allows you to choose whether or not to connect to FreeDB.orgs Database when the disk is refreshed.