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Windows 7 installed Registration error

If you recieve the above error after installing Alcohol under Windows 7 by registering the product.

Please try the following.

Hardware Key changed FAQ


Hardware changes and reformatting your PC can cause hardware key to change. If you are getting a different hardware key you can change your active hardware key yourself, you must login in our site at , select Licence(s) from the left menu and then click at Activations, here you should select your hardware key and make it active, then you can return to Alcohol and you will be able to activate it.

You will find the current hardware key of your computer in the "enter serial number" window of Alcohol. If you have any trouble to do it please check this walkthrough:

Please note that when your system hardware key changes to a new key you must always try to activate Alcohol using your serial number and email address, this try will obviously fail because it is not the currently active hardware key in your account in our system, however this failed try will add the new hardware key to our system, you can then login in your account and you will have the new hardware key available, you can then make it active and only then then you will be able to activate Alcohol correctly using your serial number and email address.