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Problems Entering Serial Number

QWhy can I not input a serial number in the Alcohol 120% trial version?

A: The Alcohol 120% trial is just for users who want to try Alcohol 120%. You cannot register the Alcohol 120% trial version. If you want to use the full version, please visit and purchase a retail version.

QI am thinking about buying the retail of 120%.
What about if reinstalling the operating system.
I reinstall Winxp from time to time to clean everything up, do i then need a need key everytime i do that.

A No you will not requier a new serial number, please be sure to keep your issued serial number in a safe place such as on a floppy disc or CD-R\RW Disc

QI received my serial number from an on-line sales website, but I have some problems with the registration. Why?

A: 1.Please be sure that you have downloaded the retail version from and that you have installed the retail version.

2.Please be sure that your serial number is issued from Alcohol Soft.

3.When you input the serial number, please be sure that you do not have gaps and the serial number should be 114 characters long.

4.Please pay attention to your system clock/date/year settings, if your settings are not correct please adjust them.

5.If above methods still cannot solve your question, please send back your serial number and purchase ID# to and we will check it for you.

PS: For using illegal serial number and keygen users, we cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss you incur on your system whilst using illegal serials.