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DVD Backup.


How do i back-up my DVD films using Alcohol.


Unfortunately Many DVD titles are protected with CSS protection, as it is
not legal for us to bypass this protection we are not able to add a DECSS
function to our software,

If the DVD title is not CSS protected then you can create an image using the
image making wizard, then mount this image in Alcohols virtual drive and
view this image using a PC based DVD player such as WinDVD.

If the DVD title is CSS protected, you can use a program known as
DVDdecrypter (freeware) DVDDecrypter with this you can create an ISO image
that can be mounted into Alcohol virtual drive and once again run in a PC
based DVD player,

Also if the image file is no greater than 4.3 Gig (the present size restriction on DVD media) then naturally you can burn this image to a DVD media.

Or if the image file is larger than 4.3 Gig you can download DVDShrink (freeware) DVDShrink

Note:-We can not offer help or advice on the freeware programs mentioned here.