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Creating an Image of a Securom protected CD

Start Alcohol 120% or Alcohol 52%

Go to the Image making Wizard steps on how to this can be found here

Choose the Drive where your Disc is to be found then dependant on the Version of Securom used choose the Datatype needed.

To choose the Datatype that corressponds with the protection you could use third party programs such as Protection id

Or check our Game Protection Database

As the Game i wish to copy is protected with Securom 7 I have chosen as the Datatype Securom New (4/5/7)

Click on „Next“

Here you can choose

Image Name – the name of your Image
Image Format – the Format of your Image recomeded is Alcohols MDS format
Image Location – Where you wish to save your Image to

Once you have made your choices click on „Start“ to begin the Image creation

A Window will pop up asking you to make your choices for reading the DPM from Disc generally a lower read speed is recomended for CDs.

Click on „OK“ the DPM will now be read from Disc.

Once the DPM has been read successfully the rest of the Disc will be read.

Your Image has now been created you can either Burn it to Disc or mount it in a Virtual Drive.